Use the AKLearning Classroom to communicate important training and information throughout your organization. Our lessons allow your trainers, experts, and executives to speak directly to your team. Your organization will learn faster and retain more information.

Record Your Experts On Video

Video is easy, and if you don't have a studio, we'll help you set one up. 

Add Teaching interactions

We then enrich the video with interactions that engage learners and collect student data.

Immerse The Lesson

We can train your team to edit your videos, or we can do the editing for you.

Stream Your Interactive Lesson To Any Browser

We'll house your lessons online, and you'll be able to track participation within any SCORM-compliant LMS.

I can't believe how easy it was to get started with AKLearning. We already had good speakers on our staff, and the AKLearning sales team was able to arrange the filming and add interactive features that were really great. Within a month we had a complete program of online training.

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